Recommendations photoshoot


How to prepare for a photo shot? Advice for clients.

  1. Clothes. While still at home, think about what kind of clothes you will be photographed. Everything is simple, for girls dresses, skirts or trousers and a beautiful top/shirt, men trousers with a shirt or polo. The color is preferably pastel, but the main thing is to have a combination of style, color, and time of year. If you do not know what is best to choose, you can select 5 outfits of different styles, send me photos, and together we will decide what to bring on the shoot. On the day before the photo session, prepare your outfit, if you stayed at the hotel, then ask for an iron at the reception desk, or even before the trip get a road iron. All the bruises will be visible in the photo, even if it seems to you that they are not, taking things out of the suitcase. And in the summer, please, without pantyhose, since then the colors of your legs and hands will differrent in the photos.
  2. Shoes. Be sure to choose comfortable shoes without high heels, if in your city you fly in heels, then in Prague it will not work. Here the paving stones, in which all the heels are stuck, especially in the center. Do not wear new shoes for photography, you can not escape the calluses. And take some patches with you if you still bought a new one.
  3. Things on the day of the photo shoot. Do not bring replaceable shoes, heavy bags, backpacks, as all this you will leave behind the scenes, on the ground, and then worry and look in the direction where everything lies, so that no one takes your things. Best of all, if you take only the documents (and the passport and insurance that you must carry with you in Europe), money and telephones, you can put it all in my bag, and be completely free from things, and not worry during the photo tour. In your pockets, you should not have anything, since everything will be ugly to stick out.
  4. Make up. I recommend that you contact the make-up artist. If you usually do without make-up, then I still recommend it, since it can only emphasize your beauty, and your skin will not shine in the sun, temporary skin problems (pimples, dark eyes) will not be visible, since the professional will do so, as you yourself can not.
  5. Hair. Hair looks nice when they are clean and loose, do not need to do complex hairstyles, but I recommend ringlets or styling. I can advise you specialists who will make both make-up and light hairstyle. If we shoot early in the morning, and in the summer usually always like that, then the second half you can not wake up while you are engaged in a professional.
  6. Body. Also, clean up the body, shave legs, armpits, do a manicure, a pedicure, if the hair is dyed, then look so that the overgrown roots are not visible.
  7. Water & Food. For a couple of days before the photo session, drink less liquid and beer, especially the day before the photo tour. Do not eat fatty foods. Otherwise, there will be swollen body.
  8. Sleep. The night before the photo session, get enough sleep. If you get up you will need to make up and hairstyle tentatively two hours before the exit. And we meet with you usually at 6-7 in the morning, then you need to get up at 3-4 am tentatively, plus the road to the meeting place and get dressed, that is, about half an hour. Be sure to sleep 8 hours, that is, you need to lie down at 20.00, and not after 00.00!
  9. Breakfast. It is very important, but not the one at your hotel, at 8-9 in the morning, and as you remember we have a picture at 6 am, that is, you have to prepare breakfast in advance, go and buy yourself yoghurts, croissants, bananas, or everything. What you love. And be sure to eat, especially men need breakfast, you do not want them to be unhappy with photography.
  10. Mood. Good mood for a photo walk. Do not force anyone to take part in the shooting, if someone is against, then go yourself. And half will be glad that you can sleep a little longer, and you will be in a good mood. And maybe next time the half itself will show a desire to make a joint picture of the trip as a trip.
  11. If it’s raining, do not be afraid, I have a transparent umbrella for you. And we can make beautiful photos with him. And huge plus are deserted streets, even in the center.
  12. If it’s cold, you can warm up with hot drinks, which are sold in any store, the size of one glass, such as Becherovka, has medicinal properties. She also helps to “melt the ice”, and constraint on the photo session.