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Conditions photoshoot

Admin Regulations 07.06.2022

Processing of photos All photos are color-corrected, light-corrected, cropped, and basic portrait retouching. The selection photos There are two ways: The customer chooses photos in online gallery. For example, from 500 photos taken at a photo shoot, the photographer chooses the 200 best photos, send you a link to them…

Recommendations photoshoot

Admin Regulations 07.06.2022

How to prepare for a photo shot? Advice for clients. Clothes. While still at home, think about what kind of clothes you will be photographed. Everything is simple, for girls dresses, skirts or trousers and a beautiful top/shirt, men trousers with a shirt or polo. The color is preferably pastel,…

Payment and booking photoshoot

Admin Regulations 03.06.2022

In order to book a photoshoot, you need to contact me, agree on the date and location of the photoshoot. The date is considered to be booked from the date of prepayment in the amount of 30% of the cost of the photoshoot. 70% of the cost of a photo…